Wagons Ho

Wagons Ho 7.3

A great game and action in the far west traveling in a wagon across a territory
7.3.19 (See all)

In Wagons Ho you will find a great adventure and entertainment. Your speed and decisions will take you to a road in different territories in the United States of America. The main goal of this game is to travel with a wagon from one point to another doing certain activities like buying and selling food or items, and helping people or doing exchanges with Indians. You must travel the Territory safely and with enough fruit and food to survive. During your way you must fix wagons and sell them to earn some money and bonus score points. There are many ways to earn money and get points; move fast or time will beat you.
This game will give you adventure and good entertainment. The graphics and moves are great and simple, playing and controlling this game is very easy; all you need is your mouse, move over your next point and press left mouse button to move your wagon to that point on your map board.
The main screen of this game allows you to enter a new game, check help, see about the game, set options, check best scores, select territories and to exit the game.

Birgilio Rivera
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